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Our Mission

Acting with the thought that every sharing of material and moral values, primarily opportunities and ideas, whose priority is children and women, is the basis of change for responsible leaders; We are a non-governmental organization operating with the results of education, environment, protection, human rights, justice and social aid.

About Us

As the Association of Those Who Add Meaning to Life, our main mission since the day it was founded is to add meaning to life for humanity. Established under the leadership of our President Murat Değirmenci, our association is an organization entirely composed of volunteers, aiming to help people for years. Our board of directors consists of housewives, tradesmen, civil servants and teachers.

Today, people around the world live in pain and struggle with hunger. It is our primary duty to relieve the suffering of these people, even a little. As the Association of Those Who Add Meaning to Life, we do our best in this regard.

Our help in many newspapers and press organizations in the national press was appreciated.

Founded in Samsun, the Association of Those Who Add Meaning to Life has adopted the principle and goal of bringing aid to the whole world with its organizations.

Thanks to our volunteers and donors who have not left us alone since the day we were founded, we have helped thousands of people and continue to do so.

By starting the Water Well project in Africa and the sacrifice project in Africa, we are trying to help our brothers in Africa as well as the people in need of help in our country.

We have made it our principle to deliver all kinds of material and spiritual aid to people in real need as soon as possible, regardless of religion, language, race, color or thought.

We collect the donations necessary to make the donations according to the principle of transparency and our association is constantly audited by 3 people.

Since we are aware of fighting against ignorance and ignorance before struggling with victimization, poverty and injustice, we know that humanity should be educated first. We act with the principle of educating a human being is educating all humanity. In line with this principle, we provide culture, history, language, technology, mechanics, robotics, science and science lessons to all our brothers and sisters who are lacking in education or who need education because their financial situation does not allow.

We need all people who have adopted helping as a principle to join our association voluntarily. You can contact us via our website, and you can provide any kind of financial or moral assistance.